With four departments (Astronomy, Physics, Applied Math, and Earth & Planetary Sciences) hosting astrophysics, the AstroSeminar schedule at UCSC is overflowing with stimulating presentations.  Unless noted, these are public events, and undergraduates are especially welcome.  

A master list of websites is given below, and most individual speakers and titles are also listed weekly on the UCSC AstroGoogle Calendar page.

Notice to AstroEvent schedulers: to have your information entered onto the AstroGoogle Calendar, please phone or email to Maria Sliwinski in the Astronomy Department: 9-2844,

The following schedules and locations are approximate. 
Departmental colloquia and general talks

Research group seminars

  • COSMO Club Cosmology seminar: 12:30 PM Mon., ISB 102.  Contact: Joel Primack or Charlie Conroy. 
  • Planetary Lunch:  12:00 PM Tues., C332 E&MS.  Contact: Francis Nimmo.  
  • IMPS seminar:  11:30 every other Tuesday., CfAO atrium.  Interstellar/galactic medium seminar. Contact: Xavier Prochaska.
  • Fermi/GLAST user group:  10 am Fridays in ISB 310  By invitation only.  Contact: Robert Johnson.
  • Condensed matter seminar:  2 PM Fri  Contact:  Physics Department office
  • DEEP Survey team meeting:  11 AM Fri, 126 ISB.  Contact: David Koo
  • DEEP Survey science meeting: 2 PM Tues, location variable.  Contact: David Koo

Coffees and journal clubs

  • Astronomy daily morning coffee: 10:45 AM, CfAO atrium.
  • Astronomy Journal Club: 10:45 AM Thurs., CfAO atrium.  Contact: Astronomy postdoc representative.