• Aguirre, Anthony N

    Aguirre, Anthony N

    Department:  Physics
    Email:  anaguirr@ucsc.edu
    Cosmology of the early and late universe: inflation and the global structure of cosmological models; the intergalactic medium and its enrichment with heavy elements; galaxy formation, evolution, and feedback processes; dark matter; theories of modified gravity

  • Bolte, Michael

    Bolte, Michael

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email:  bolte@ucolick.org
    Dynamics of star clusters, ages of star clusters, chemical enrichment history of the galaxy, observations of interacting galaxies
  • Brodie, Jean

    Brodie, Jean

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email:  brodie@ucolick.org
    Extragalactic globular clusters, galaxy formation, near-field cosmology
  • Brummell, Nic

    Brummell, Nic

    Department:   Applied Math & Statistics
    Email:  brummell@ucsc.edu
    Fluid dynamics; magnetohydrodynamics; numerical simulations of geophysical and astrophysical dynamics, especially solar interior physics; supercomputing
  • Epps, Harland

    Epps, Harland

    Department:   UC Observatories
    Email:  epps@ucolick.org
    Astronomical optics and instrumentation
  • Faber, Sandra

    Faber, Sandra

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email: faber@ucolick.org
    Galaxies, stellar populations, cosmology, instrumentationGalaxies, stellar populations, cosmology, instrumentation
  • Fortney, Jonathan

    Fortney, Jonathan

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email:  jfortney@ucolick.org
    Planetary atmospheres and interiors, extrasolar planets
  • Garaud, Pascale

    Garaud, Pascale

    Department:   Applied Math & Statistics
    Email: pgaraud@ucsc.edu
    Astrophysics, geophysics, fluid dynamics, numerical resolutions of differential equations, and mathematical modeling of natural flows
  • Garrick-Bethell, Ian

    Garrick-Bethell, Ian

    Department:   Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  igarrick@ucsc.edu
    Planetary Interiors, Paleomagnetism
  • Guha Thakurta, Puragra (raja)

    Guha Thakurta, Puragra (raja)

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email: raja@ucolick.org
    Galaxy formation and evolution: resolved stellar populations in the Local Group and distant galaxies. Globular clusters. Interstellar dust.
  • Illingworth, Garth

    Illingworth, Garth

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email:  gdi@ucolick.org
    High redshift galaxies, galaxy formation/evolution, science policy

  • Jeltema, Tesla

    Jeltema, Tesla

    Department:   Physics
    Email: tesla@ucsc.edu
    High-energy astrophysics and cosmology
  • Johnson, Robert

    Johnson, Robert

    Department:   Physics / Associate Director S.C.I.P.P.
    Email: rjohnson@scipp.ucsc.edu
    Experimental particle physics, high-energy astrophysics
  • Koo, David C

    Koo, David C

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics and UC Observatories
    Email:  koo@ucolick.org
    Cosmology, birth and evolution of galaxies and quasars

  • Laughlin, Gregory

    Lauglin, Gregory

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email:  laughlin@ucolick.org
    Extra-solar planets, numerical astrophysics
  • Lin, Douglas

    Lin, Douglas

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email:  lin@ucolick.org
    Fluid dynamics, star formation, galactic structure, planetary systems, accretion disks, extra-solar planets

  • Madau, Piero

    Madau, Piero

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email: pmadau@ucolick.org
    Cosmology, high-energy astrophysics
  • Margon, Bruce

    Margon, Bruce

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email:  margon@ucsc.edu
    High-energy astrophysics, space astronomy

  • Max, Claire

    Max, Claire

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics and UC Observatories
    Email:  max@ucolick.org
    Adaptive optics and high spatial resolution imaging, colliding galaxies, active galactic nuclei and their supermassive black holes

  • Nimmo, Francis

    Nimmo, Francis

    Department:  Earth & Planetary Sciences
    Email:  fnimmo@ucsc.edu
    Icy satellites, accretion, Mars, planetary geophysics

  • Primack, Joel

    Primack, Joel

    Department:   Physics
    Email:  joel@ucsc.edu
    Cosmology, galaxy, formation and evolution, particle astrophysics, nature of dark matter, gamma ray astronomy
  • Prochaska, J. Xavier

    Prochaska, J. Xavier

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email:  xavier@ucolick.org
    Damped Lya systems in quasars, Lyman limit systems, stellar abundances, thick disk imaging of our galaxy
  • Profumo, Stefano

    Profumo, Stefano

    Department:   Physics
    Email: profumo@ucsc.edu
    Theory of particle physics and particle astrophysics
  • Ramirez-Ruiz, Enrico

    Ramirez-Ruiz, Enrico

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email:  enrico@ucolick.org
    Stellar explosions, gamme-ray bursts accretion physics, near compact stars

  • Ritz, Steven

    Ritz, Steven

    Department:   Physics / S.C.I.P.P.
    Email: sritz@ucsc.edu
    Particle physics and astrophysics
  • Rockosi, Constance M

    Rockosi, Constance M

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics and UC Observatories
    Email:  crockosi@ucolick.org
    Galactic structure, stellar populations, CCD detectors, astronomical instrumentation

  • Smith, David M

    Smith, David M

    Department:  Physics
    Email:  dsmith@scipp.ucsc.edu
    High-energy astrophysics; X-ray and gamma-ray detectors and instrumentation; solar, terrestrial, and planetary sources of gamma radiation

  • Smith, Graeme

    Smith, Graeme

    Department:  Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email:  graeme@ucolick.org
    Stellar populations, chromospheric activity among late-type stars
  • Vogt, Steven

    Vogt, Steven

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics / UC Observatories
    Email: vogt@ucolick.org
    Extrasolar planets, stellar, spectroscopy, instrumentation
  • Woosley, Stan

    Woosley, Stan

    Department:   Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Email: woosley@ucolick.org
    Supernovae, stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis